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The Ritz is designed for large groups to have enough space to hang out together, while still giving each guest a certain level of privacy. This type of environment is ideal for family reunions, beach weddings, and a unique Christmas experience.

Family Reunions

The Ritz is the perfect place to host a family event.  It’s close enough to Houston that all family members can attend, but just far enough away that everyone can spend the night and bond together with the beach atmosphere for entertainment.

Weddings & Honeymoon

Weddings can be a stressful time for brides and families. Take some of the stress off of the group by hosting the wedding party at The Ritz on rehearsal night. On the morning of the wedding, have the hair and makeup team come to the home for the pre-wedding grooming ritual. After your beach side wedding, keep the house to yourselves as a newly married couple for the rest of the week!


Take advantage of the off-peak season and host your family’s Christmas at the beach! It is typical for people to forget about the beach during the winter months, but this house can provide a memorable place for warm family gatherings.