The Ritz has everything that most beach houses in the area have, but there are some additional features that set this house above par for our guests. To see additional photos of the amenities, please access our photo gallery, 3D navigator, or video tour.

While it sounds odd to mention an elevator first, if you have frequented the beach often, you can appreciate the difficulty of moving in and out.  An elevator makes this process go so much more smoothly. It is also a very important feature for family members that aren’t as agile as they once were, allowing them the freedom to navigate the house at their will.


Outdoor Showers
There’s just something refreshing about showering outdoors and the beach is one of the few places to enjoy this luxury.  It’s perfect for washing off the beach sand before entering the big house.

outdoor showers

Pool Table
A pool table is a luxury that very few beach homes have. This is great for days where the weather may not be cooperating or for just hanging out when you’ve had enough sun and sand. Set off of the living area, the pool table has its own separate room with a sliding door so there is minimal interruption to others in the family, dining, and kitchen areas.

Extra Large Sectional
Some homes in the area have a hodgepodge of furniture, which leads to a less than inviting main space for everyone to gather. The Ritz boasts a big, comfy, red sectional so everyone is able to get in on the party. This space can be great for chats, game night, or late night movie watching.